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I am a Tech Lead & Solution Architect specializing in highly scalable cloud infrastructure patterns and microservice architecture. I have lead teams and architected solutions for enterprise clients to meet scale of millions of transactions a day. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and work remotely. My friends describe me as an individual possessed by curiosity, I enjoy learning for the sake of learning. I can develop performant backend services, cloud infrastructure and build productive teams. I The purpose of this website is to share my curiosity with the world and indulge it.


I am an experienced Software Engineering Tech Lead/ Solution Architect who loves Golang & Cloud living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have been following Golang since late 2009 when it was first announced to the technology world via news briefs. I was among some of the first to install the windows beta binaries released in 2010 and have been a community member since. I began seriously using go after 2012 when the first stable release was announced. And in 2013 became an active Gopher and have been digging deep ever since.

I am comfortable and confident in the following as it relates to Golang: Language fundamentals – Since Golang and C/C++ are so similar, it felt natural learning Golang, I’ve often said Golang is what C should have been in the modern world. As a C developer I appreciate many of the language decisions made by the Golang founders. I understand the language specifications and appreciate the problems it solved! :I am well versed in the following: Concurrency vs parallelism, Race conditions, Mutex, Atomic, Channels, Error handling, Idiomatic Go (Go community code standards)

Web Development in Golang – I can create web applications without using third-party frameworks (using only the standard library) and apply modern web development practices. I can also build performant distributed applications that dynamically scale. Micro-services, routing, restful applications, JSON, AJAX, templates, file servers, cookies, state, UUIDs, HTTP methods, HTTP response codes, sessions, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, MongoDB, load balancers, HTTPS & TLS, Docker, Containers, Virtual Machines, Google Cloud, and App Engine.

I am very familiar with the cloud platform AWS, GCP and DigitalOcean. And have extensive experience using cloud providers in both personal and professional capacity.

Playing with on weeknights: Rust, Dart/Flutter and Quantum Random Number generator.

Employment History

I am currently employed as a  Software engineer Tech Lead. I am writing microservices at scale using Rabbit MQ, Apache Kafka, Hbase, HFDS, Open TSDB, MongoDB, Networking Hardware and dealing with really large data and geospatial information. My day to day is ensuring that API layer gets data filtered via business logic in a timely accurate manner. I crunch large numbers of very large data bases in an agile waterfall environment where I meet business needs in a timely fashion. 

I have previously worked at Eyegaze.com (LC Technologies Inc.) for 7 years, learning first hand from the foremost experts of eye-tracking. I understand the techniques & algorithms relating to eye-gaze image processing and have eye driven application development experience. My area of specialization is cognitive instruments and multi-channel digital signal processing as it relates to underlying brain functionality.

I am intimately familiar with WAI, WCAG 2.0, Section 508, ARIA and government accessibility policies. I have also written policies and APIs for software developers to use so that their applications are accessible by eye-tracking devices. I have attended ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) the world’s largest disability tech conference for 7 years. I am aware of many devices, applications, and programs to assist disabled individuals

Programming Experience

I can develop low-level memory performant applications with C language and desktop applications in C++ or C#. I am able to design and implement websites and maintain them. I have previously used in production NodeJS, C# (ASP.net), GoLang, PHP, and HTML/CSS/JS. I am equally proficient in developing desktop and web applications. I can design high fidelity UX wireframes and user interface elements in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  I understand the UX process very well and I am comfortable conducting UX Agile Development in addition to the software development lifecycle.


Expert Vision is the area of research I am most interested in. I am highly motivated in understanding how experts view the world, can insight be gained from seeing through the eyes of an expert? Can behavioral patterns observed from an expert be used to train a novice? I’m unlocking answers about human cognition through extracting Expert Vision.

I am using Expert Vision in human learning by observing humans doing tasks with bio-monitoring and then unlocking insight about underlying cognition through statistical analysis. I am applying Expert vision in Education (Reading & Math), Competitive Gaming(E-Sports), Film & Art Study, Online Dating, Geography of Mind (cross-cultural) and Web Design & Usability.


I work on a diverse set of projects while indulging my curiosity. It’s important to me to share my progress and document the projects I am currently working on and those that I have finished. You can view my full project directory by clicking here. I am in the process of updating my project directory, I have to finish auditing the licensing restrictions of some older projects and make sure that I’ve properly documented them to the best of my ability. 

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