QuickEye – Game Performance Analysis Lab.

E-Sports are here to stay, many countries now offer travel visas historically reserved for traditional athletes for video game-athletes. E-Sports is growing at a fast rate, but lacks the performance analytics that major sports have. Established sports such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL have established performance metrics and broadcasting technology that enables viewers to gain insight into player statistics, behavior and cognition. QuickEye Labs is  interested in analyzing video games under bio-monitoring and cognitive instruments.

The game Research Lab, examines competitive video games under cognitive instruments to find performance metrics that can be used to improve game-athlete ability.

What insight can be gained by monitoring video game athletes with cognitive instruments? Are there performance metrics that can be used to improve player gaming ability through bio-feedback?

Goal: to examine how E-Sports athletes and viewers can benefit from the use of bio-monitoring technology as performance analysis tools for both the athlete and as broadcasting visualizations for the viewer watching, who wish to gain insight into how the brain of the athlete works.

Current Research Topics: 

Video game performance metrics and visualizations

As video gaming grows to include more spectators – the need for visualizations and performance metrics will become more important. The lab is focusing on two key problems identified in Competitive Video Games,

  1. Lack of performance metrics that provide insight in to the ability of the gamer
  2. Lack of visualizations that explain complex behaviors of the game-athlete to a potential novice audience who lack background about game mechanics.

Because there are many different types of games for the initial research, the lab will be focusing on the following games.

  1. Overwatch
  2. Counter Strike Go
  3. HearthStone
  4. Super Smash Bros Project M
  5. League of Legends
  6. Street Fighter

The games identified – are among some of the most played competitive games, through the examination of a limited set of games – broader techniques will appear that apply to all gaming.

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