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I am a Software Developer specializing in eye-tracking living in Scottsdale. My friends describe me as an individual possessed by curiosity, I enjoy learning for the sake of learning. I can develop desktop applications, websites and info-graphics. I’m competent at digital UI sketching, prototyping and UX design documentation. In addition, I am proficient with Adobe CC software suite. The purpose of this website is to share my curiosity with the world and indulge it.


I am the founder of Jamal Yusuf LLC, my mission – attempting to unlock insight about human cognition through cutting-edge research. Expert Vision is the area of study I am most interested in. I am highly motivated in understanding how experts view the world, can insight be gained from seeing through the eyes of an expert?  Can behavioral patterns observed from an expert be used to train a novice?

Educational Motivation

Do you know what the etymology of the word school is?  Originally in ancient Greece rich kids when they wanted to indulge their curiosity would seek out an expert in a subject, pay them money and learn. The word school originally pronounced as scholé meant indulging your curiosity. Fast forward to the modern world and you can literally find an expert in pretty much anything and ask as many questions as you want while you learn.

I enjoy learning, the topics I’m studying are things I am curious about. I am consistently enrolled in open courseware at top universities. I also utilize online skill building websites (Udacity/Udemy) and I enjoy reading technical books and academic papers. My educational motivation is best described as, I am a sponge that absorbs knowledge.

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