Sacrifice The Law of Equivalent Exchange

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You have to give to get, to obtain something you have to give something of equal value – this is the social law law of equivalent exchange.  

This brings up an interesting concept. the idea that nothing can be gained with out first giving something of equal value in return. We can apply this in every day life, its like saying you get out what you put in. A word that comes to mind when thinking about this law of equivalent exchange is “sacrifice”.  

People, often struggle with prioritizing their needs and wants. Sometimes you need to sacrifice things you want and sometimes even things you need in order to have your dreams become reality. Sacrificing is hard, but the act of sacrifice instantly opens up plenty of time and allows for progress to be made. A great way to free up time to work on something new, is to give something else up. Instead of trying to optimize every second of your day (which is do-able, but very difficult to maintain), it is much easier to simply sacrifice something else in place.

Making sacrifices, especially when it comes to deciding on what you’re going to focus on with your time and energy, is a difficult thing to do. But you have to remain positive throughout, because the act of making a sacrifice is often to gain something greater in the long run. Whatever you put in you shall get back in greater value. Obeying the  law of equivalent exchange, is simply acknowledging that great sacrifice often yields a great reward.

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