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There are times when I feel like I need to feint certain social interaction traits. In order to have compelling enough feedback for communicate to go successfully. When it comes to particular situations that require a tab bit more attention, a few small tricks will go along way in helping you feint social interaction while communicating.

Feinting Eye Contact

Many individuals, have trouble maintaining eye-contact for extended periods of time. Maybe the person you’re talking to is genuinely scary or maybe you’re not comfortable directly starting into what some call the “window into the soul”. Whatever the reason(s) may be, maintaining eye contact shows confidence, mutual respect and dominance.  If you want to create the illusion that you’re maintaining eye contact, which can become useful in situations where you need to feint confidence, respect or dominance. Just stare at someone’s forehead, they can’t tell the difference and it will appear as if you’re maintaining actual eye contact.

Feinting traits of a good listener

Everyone, likes a good listener. But what are the attributes of such a person? Good listeners often tend to be the ones who enter a feedback loop, in which they:

  1. listen carefully to what someone has to say
  2. wait until the person is completely finished talking
  3. reiterate what they believe to be the problem, or in general a summary of what was said
  4. provide solution/advice
  5. Repeat 1-4 until conversation is finished

One body language trait that good listeners have is nodding their head, when someone is telling you something, nod your head every 2-3 seconds this will make it appear as if you’re really paying attention!  Regardless of the situation just nod your head. Doing this while in the feedback loop above will really help in establishing yourself as a good listener.

A linguistic tool that good listeners use is change of tempo in speech, when you’re saying something important speak slower. Speaking in a slower tempo, makes you sound more “Confident” and “Accurate” (Even if what you’re saying is complete Bullshit). The faster you speak, the less likely they are to pick up on important information but the slower you speak the more confident you appear. Thus when you’re talking, you want to slow down on the important parts of your conversation.

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