I am firm believer in preventive medicine – medical practices that are designed to avert and avoid disease, diet intervention and the belief that complex processes have simple solutions at times. I am constantly reading and learning about nutritional health and longevity. As I learn and grow along my health journey I want to accumulate my knowledge and share it with others.

Rise Calm

It’s more common in today’s world to meet people with abnormal sleep patterns than it is to meet individuals who consistently have a full nights rest and do not have sleep dysfunction. How have we complicated something that every other organism finds easy to do? When did sleep become complicated, what makes it complicated? 

Are the ways we approach going to sleep and waking up correct? Are there better ways to going to sleep and waking up? I hope to tackle sleep and circadian rhythm health and explain why so many people are having difficulties with sleep and their circadian rhythm.  

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African Health

I’m concerned, about the health crisis currently afflicting Africans living in western countries. Africans living in the West have access to better medicine, schooling and affordable food. But even with this abundance of services and access to preventive medicine, health professionals and better sourced food –  more Africans living in the west are becoming sick from obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. All of which are preventable with proper knowledge and execution. The African Diaspora is afflicted to the point that it’s nearing an epidemic.

For a long time I waited, for someone else to tackle the health issue and simplify the medical literature about Africans and their health – I figured eventually someone would, but no champion came. As such It’s my hope to write about health from an African perspective. I hope to challenge and educate my readers. I’m going to share both academic literature and my personal experimentation with health and bio-hacking. 

I have recently begun reading academic literature about the African Diaspora and the various health issues they’re facing living in the West. It’s my goal to both identify trends and action plans to deal with bad health in the community. I will also summarize any academic literature of value that I’m reading. There is a disconnect between the knowledge relating to the African Diaspora in Academia and that same knowledge reaching the individuals it could impact for the better.

Click here to read about health and bio-hacking from an African perspective. 

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